Pre-stretched Skin.Lite

Pre-stretched soft polyethylene stretch film for manual application.

High resistance to deformation: a soft structure allows it to absorb shocks, preventing damage to the film and irreversible crushing of the reels.
Lightness and safety: its low weight improves working conditions and prevent the risk of injury due to accidental falls of traditional reels.
Environmentally sustainable: maximum efficiency with minimum waste; customers can buy only the amount of film required for their packaging needs, with no secondary waste (such as cardboard cores) to be disposed of.
High savings: a reduced thickness of down to 6μm results in reduced film consumption, with significant economic benefits.


  • Width dimension: 435 mm ± 5 mm
  • Thicknesses: 6 ÷ 12 μm
  • Film length 300 ÷ 700 m
  • internal reel (with core or coreless) 50/76 mm
  • Anti-UV Additiesi on demand on minimum order (2.000 kg)
  • Colours White, Black on minimum order (2.000 kg)
  • Soft winding (air inside the rolls) Standard
  • Floating edges Standard
  • Reinforced edges Standard

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